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Contribution to the Society

  QR Science and Technology is intent to develop innovative products to meet people's need of basic drugs and the essential requirements from the country through our R&D. Some of our research results have been industrializedin fields of cardiovascular and cerebral, anti-tumor, anti-infection and digestive system drugs which filled the domestic gaps. The excellent products and services from QR are recognized by the market and have achieved highly praise from the patients.
  QR has established and kept improving the public technology platform forthe innovation drug research and development, and has made our platform as a benchmark. This platform is based in Wuhan National Bio-industry Center, radiating to Wuhan city, and providing services for bio-industry in Hubei Province and throughout the whole China. QR fully understands the latest trends in international and domestic new drug industry. Itintegrates kinds of advantaged resources and has realized the breakthrough of key products and technologies, improved independent innovation capability, changed the situation of most Chinese pharmaceutical companies focusing on generic drugs with low added value and ignoring innovation products bycooperating with international and domestic universities, institutes and relative corporations. We will manage to change Made in China into Created in China.
  QR has contributions for local economy, and speeded up the form of industrial cluster. QR contributed kinds of taxes for the development of local economy. In the meantime, QR also drove the development of related industry chain and formed the high efficiency industrial cluster.
  During the process of industrialization of our research results, in response to the call for sustainable development of the country, QR insists to consider environment protection the core task of company improvement and industrialization development. QR built sewage treatment equipment and environmental automatic online monitoring system. QR has done a better job than national first level standards for waste water discharge.
  QR Increased employment and promoted the development of relative industries. QR has employed around 1000 employees since its establishment, helping solve the problem of city surplus labors and reemployment, and improved the employees' technical capability. QR established the mechanism of talent introduction and training, created graduates and postdoctoral cultivation base, attracted and cultivated overseas and local top talents, sent hundreds of outstanding employees to pursue MBA education in Renmin University of China, and sent more than 20 excellent employees to Beijing University to study Master Degree of International Pharmaceutical Engineering Management. QR protects employees' all sorts of rights, and forms the company culture of employees and the corporation making progress together and enhancing each other. Employees' quality of lives and working competence increases dramatically while the corporation develops itself rapidly.
  QR has participated in many social activities, such as Technical and Science Popularization Conference related to China Association of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Tour of China International Road Cycling Race, anniversary celebration of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Centennial of Tongji Medical College, etc. QR has funded for at least 9 graduate students each year to complete their courses in Tongji Medical College, HUST, which provides positive energy for the progress of society, and make our own contribution for the healthy development of the society.