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Career Prospects

Career Prospects

Talent Concepts
QR views our staff as the most valuable asset that we have on our path to success. Therefore, we praise positive and self-driven talents and provide great opportunities for development to all staff.
Talent Criteria
Responsible and professional;
Love to learn and be creative
Senior Executive Criteria
With passion and good faith;
Have strategic vision and focus on important things;
With high efficiency and attention to details;
Have sense of fairness and justice, teamwork spirit.
Career Prospects
1.We provide introduction trainings for new employees on company development history, company policies, enterprise culture, job responsibilities and career planning.
2.We arrange a department mentor for new employees to help them quickly adapt inthe work environment and the team, offer them guidance at work.
3.Along with the company's development and expansion, our employees' satisfaction is not only from traditional promotion, but also from his professional capability improvement, management skills improvement, respects and recognition in the company.
1)Vertical development
We will prior provide promotion opportunity to our employees when there is vacancy for key positions.Our policy is to promote the most outstanding candidate through a competition process.
2)Horizontal development
Tomeet the needs of employees' development, we courage staff to take work shift in multi-positions.
Technical Talents  Management Talents    Promotion Pathway
Promotion Pathway  Professional Talents   Promotion Pathway
For employees to have a better understanding of our company and meet the requirements of the position, we provide internal and external training courses which includes.
1)Regular training
Take advantage of training resources within and out of the company to arrange variety of training courses applicable to all staff, like business etiquette, 3T training, IT technique, business management knowledge, time management, communication skills, team building, and specialized training, etc.
2)Professional training
Take advantage of training resources within and out of the company to arrange variety of training courseson business and technology related knowledge and skills, like product knowledge,marketing and sales knowledge, etc.